SINCE 1989

1967 Nova with our rebuilt steering column installed.

Family owned and operated business by three generations

Bill, Rick and Dylan Lanza at the NY Rangers game
Over 35 years experience in the Steering Column business

My father and I started Steering Columns Galore in 1989 as a mobile steering column rebuilding service in New York City. Our customers were primarily repair shops, body shops and automotive dealerships. At the time auto theft was a major problem in NYC and many other parts of the U.S. With over 1.5 Million cars being stolen nationwide in 1989, business took off quickly. People that had their cars stolen needed to get their steering columns fixed. Luckily we were in the right place at the right time. We didn’t have much to start with, so we worked hard and invested the money back into the business. Slowly over time we added to our equipment, inventory and knowledge. We have provided steering column part testing and market insight for one of the largest aftermarket manufacturers in the United States. We now ship rebuilt steering columns worldwide. 

When you buy your steering columns from us, you benefit from our experience, knowledge and level of integrity. Thank you, we appreciate your business!

Rick Lanza owner of Steering Columns Galore at the USO Gala in 2013

Rick Lanza, owner of Steering Columns Galore at the USO Gala in NYC.

Sally office manager at Steering Columns Galore since 2005.

Sally has been the office manager at Steering Columns Galore since 2013.

Romel, shop foreman at Steering Columns Galore.

Romel has been the shop foreman at Steering Columns Galore since 2005.

What our Customers Say:

Got a rebuilt column for my trans am from these guys. They are extremely knowledgeable and were really helpful in getting the proper column for an odd year car. Most other places don’t know the differences between model
years and options. I feel like the price was very reasonable for the services provided.

These guys are totally a niche business and do what they do great.

Ian O.


My husband recently ordered a steering column from Steering Columns Galore. Aside from being a great product, I have to acknowledge the excellent customer service this company provides from the initial phone call to order and the follow-up after returning the core. Our mechanic was very pleased with the product right from the box. Would definitely recommend this company for your replacement steering column.

Thank you for taking good care of him.

Teresa E.